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Self-Love Alchemy

21 Days To Love Yourself To Success: Quit The Hustle. Charge Your Worth.

 What you'll get:

  • An Energetically-coded 21-day process to increase your self-love, self-worth, and havingness
  • 6 Channeled and Energetically-Coded Meditations to Reprogram You at a Cellular Level (to be used in a specific sequence)
  • 3 Sets of Self-Love Affirmations from Self-Love Beginner to Advanced Lover
  • All music enhanced with Brainwave Entrainment for deep relaxation and easy subconscious reprogramming
  • Meditations feature the presence and energies of Angels, Fairies, Goddesses, and other magical light beings for divine support on your healing journey
  • Exclusive 35-Page Workbook with Guided Inner Work incl. Daily Success Planner, Vision & Goal Cheatsheet
  • Exclusive Bonus: Divine Feminine Money Masterclass
    • Video 1: Money and Self-Love
    • Video 2: Money and Power
  • NEW! Going Deeper:
    Videos that take you even deeper into your self-love (cycle synching, Yin+Yang Energetics in Business, Inner Blocks to Feminine Power, Rules of the Queendom and more!
  • NEW! Sleep Hypnosis: Ready to Receive
    Gently reprogram your mind to increase your receiving capacity as you drift off to sleep


I received this course as a channeled download when I was at a low point in my journey.

I still remember walking to the grocery store to buy food to binge on because I felt so frustrated, disconnected, and worthless.

On one hand, I knew I had skills.

After all, I had just recently quit my high-powered job heading 4 departments at Europe’s most successful e-commerce company.

But figuring out this "making money online doing what you love serving people" thing turned out to be different…

Suddenly I doubted my worth…

  • Is my work good enough?
  • Can I actually help clients (despite the raving reviews)?
  • Am I charging too much or too little for my services and products?

Working in corporate, none of this was an issue. 

I was trading my energy, skills, and time confidently for money.

But in my purpose-driven business sharing my soul gifts I became a messy bundle of self-doubt.

…even though I got life-changing feedback!

But the money wasn’t enough (yet) to feel as I’m actually “successful” at what I do.

  • I kept giving away my advice for free…and felt resentment build that my business wasn’t giving back to me.
  • I kept trying to prove myself by undercharging and overdelivering.
  • I was a junkie to hear my value mirrored back from others.
  • I put off hiring support, traveling and doing the things I love UNTIL I had reached a made-up income goal.
  • I put so much pressure on myself that I would make myself anxious working feverishly on launches, new products, and other offers.

…while I was hiding and afraid of being truly seen.

…while I kept changing my messaging, title, and other business-y things.

It drove me crazy.

I felt stuck in a loop of “not-good-enough”, giving up and then over-achieving, just to feel burned out because of the intensity.


On this day, walking to the grocery store I asked spirit for guidance...

I needed a miracle.

The next days I spent downloading one meditation after another.

I sat in coffee shops all around Berlin as the downloads flowed onto the page.

Of course, once I had created the whole course I gave it away for FREE to a few women who put their hands up, willing to give it a try.

The results were nothing short of miraculous.

But there was something I didn’t expect…

90% of women reported increased income after following the process for 21 days!

The course was all about self-love…

I had to realize: the more we love ourselves the more we increase our capacity to receive.

Money is always available.
It’s always there.
Always wanting to enter our life.
But if we don’t feel worthy of having it, it will stay away.

So, let’s break down this invisible wall that keeps money, love, health, and all the other wonderful things you desire away.

Give yourself permission to shine like the bright light that you are.

Let’s peel away the layers of conditioning so you'll feel worthy of receiving, having, and keeping all the good your heart desires.

I've found the fastest route to stop self-sabotage and receive what you desire is cultivating a loving and supportive relationship with yourself.


When you love yourself, you give yourself permission to...

  • take the action necessary to make your dreams a reality
  • set clear boundaries that support a higher energy and your personal growth
  • release the draining energy of blocks and emotional wounds 
  • find the courage to believe in yourself, your dreams and your decisions to take inspired action forward


Self-Love Alchemy will guide you through energetically charged meditations, transformational affirmations, informative videos and goal setting strategies so that you emerge in 21 days elevated in your energy, vision and self-love. 

This sets a solid foundation for you to act and attract from worthiness.

"As within so without"

The universe will always mirror back to you from the outside what it is that you believe within. 

It starts with you.


Your Benefits:

  • Heal past trauma and center in your power 
  • Clarify your dreams and goals
  • Align your energy with your goals and take inspired action
  • Transform limiting beliefs into supportive behaviors
  • Release old karma that may be blocking your power
  • Reprogram your mind and energy to be your best self


Who is Self-Love Alchemy for:

Conscious women and femme entrepreneurs who are ready to live their truth, amplify their personal power and boost their purpose into being.

You will:

  • release money, visibility, self-doubt blocks
  • increase your energy and vibration to attract your desires faster 
  • up-level your income by increasing your self-worth
  • stop procrastination, clarify your goals and take inspired action to reach your next level
  • clarify your life’s goals and strategize actions to reach them
  • start or continue your meditation practice


Listen to one of the meditations: CLICK HERE


Meditations Overview

Day 1 & 7 - Open Your Heart 

Activate your heart chakra and self-love. Get in touch with your love energy and start feeling it in your body. Learn how to let love circulate in your energy and aura.

Effect: Activating. Soothing.
Benefit: Open yourself to the healing journey and activate dormant self-love energies



Day 2 - Deep Chakra Cleanse 

Cleanse and balance all your chakras in a magical ritual with Archangel Raziel. Release stuck energies and blocks from your chakras. Learn how to let your chakras rotate and vibrate in their highest frequencies.

Effect: Energizing. Cleansing.
Benefit: Balance and clear all energies in your body. Release past lives and memories from your chakras.



Day 3 - Release Your Fears

The healing fairies help you release all doubts, worries, or fears through their healing grid. Magical!

Effect: Motivating. Energizing. 
Benefit: Understand limiting beliefs and transmute them back to love and light so you're ready and open to imprint new behaviors and energies in your energy field.



Day 4 - Cut the Cords 

Forgive yourself and others with the support of crystal healing, unicorns, and Archangels Raphael and Chamuel.

Effect: High-vibrational. Releasing. Healing. Freeing. 
Benefit: Deep forgiveness and cutting of old cords to make room for new inspired action.



Day 5 - Awaken Your Goddess

Travel to ancient Egypt and receive initiations from powerful goddesses Isis, Ishtar, and Sekmeth. Heal your past lives, activate your loving boundaries and reconnect to your divine feminine strength. 

Effect: Grounding. Releasing. 
Benefit: Release old lives from your energy, strengthen your boundaries and reconnect to your divine feminine power.



Day 6 - Reprogram Your Energy 

Travel to Ixchel’s healing temple together with Archangel Raphael. Receive profound healings down to a cellular level and start emitting a whole new electromagnetic signal to the field.

Effect: Healing. Mystical. Renewing.
Benefit: Reprogram your DNA and emerge with a new electromagnetic signature (completely changed energy field and aura).



3 x Affirmation Audios 

Reprogram your brain and behaviors by repeating the spoken affirmations. Enhanced with theta brain wave entrainment to facilitate fast and easy neuro reprogramming.

Effect: Renewing. Uplifting.
Benefit: Change your thoughts to attract a new reality.



Daily Success Planner Template

Start each day with clarity, focus, and productivity. Easily exceed your current performance, find hidden patterns and keep track of your success habits.



Achieve Your Goals Templates & Process

You need to know where you are going so you don't miss the mark. This process will help you know what you want and how to make it happen.



What People Are Saying:

Love love love Self-Love Alchemy...!! Soo happy to be doing this program. Thank you soo much Sharon! Highly recommended!

Eden Nares

Get Self-Love Alchemy! It’s life-changing! Before I started I was confused and missed my guiding star. Only few weeks later, now I have the strong connection to my spirit guides and angels that I’ve always wanted. I’ve learned to take care of myself. One meditation in particular shifted my spiritual trust. I saw everything that was happening before it was mentioned in the meditation! It was mind-blowing. I was never into meditation until I used Sharon's channelled meditations. They are on another level of spiritual.

Carol Lovett, Founder and Author of Ditch the Wheat

Now I enjoy taking a break and feel more connected to my own definition of success. I had been beating myself up for feeling like I needed some downtime and then judging myself more for actually taking some. Self-Love Alchemy has helped me break the vicious cycle. I realized that I want to slow down, stop chasing other people’s vision of success and shift my business structure to facilitate more ease.

Angela Peterson Winter, Holistic Voice and Life Coach

If I had a limiting thought, the affirmation would pop up to remind me to shift my thought patterns. This has made such a big impact in the way I support my own success! I'd never done affirmations before, but to my surprise I found myself remembering them later in the day when a similar topic would come up.

Amy Archer, Contemporary Romance Author

Thanks to Self-Love Alchemy my heart energy expanded and I attracted 25% more monthly income! Before this course I was struggling to stop and find enough time for me, for self love and nurture. It really helped me to reconsider this and find time again. It was one of the most magical, supportive and loving experiences I have had!

Rosanne Aislie, Spiritual Teacher & Well-being Facilitator

Self-Love Alchemy helped me to help myself. Not only did I stop procrastinating, but I also felt energized to create and craft my business plans. During the meditations I felt that I was open to healing energies and signs from the universe. I feel this tingling sensation and loving healing energy still within me now. It was a big reminder that until you learn to cherish yourself, you will not be able to help or cherish anyone or anything else.

Heena Thaker, Founder beeincompany.com