Design Your Life - A Transformational Meditation

$15.00 USD

What you'll get:

  • 37 Minute Guided Meditation - a 'download' I received from spirit that leads you through a powerful energy shifting process to access a higher vibration, release blocks and manifest with clarity and ease
  • Transformational Energies - The meditation is energetically charged with healing vibrations that will shift your attraction point
  • Theta Brainwave Entrainment - background music features theta waves that will open your subconscious, make breaking habits easy and let you feel relaxed to imprint the vibration of your desired manifestations
  • Access Anywhere - I know you are busy and you need maximum flexibility to keep up your manifesting and meditation routine. Download as an mp3 to your phone or use the mobile friendly member's area to access your meditation on the go.



  • Access Your Creator Powers: Create vibrational alignment with your desires and the best version of yourself
  • Get Unstuck: Release and heal blockages that have kept you stuck and frustrated that your dreams aren't manifesting 
  • Attract Your Desires: Manifest your desires into form by accessing their feeling vibration
  • Increase Your Vibration: Chakra cleansing for accessing a higher vibration which results in faster manifestations and a feeling of flow
  • Break Old Habits: Reprogram your subconscious mind to stop disempowering habits and thoughts
  • Making it Stick: Anchoring your new vibration through physical conditioning• Guided Meditation Process for fast Manifesting

What People Are Saying:

I feel incredibly light and ready to step into my power. I asked the universe for proof that my frequency has changed and I have just been given a share of a business out of the blue at 11:11 today which will financially change mine and my sons life!

Sonya Beverly Hilton

Cosmic Origins is an awesome and powerful meditation, the more I'm using it the more aware I'm becoming and the more I'm releasing! Whenever I come across a mental patterns that is stopping from being the person I want to be, I write it down and release it in the meditation. Been using it all this week. Result: My Chiropractor told me today that he doesn't know what I've done, but this time is by far the best he's seen me! Plus, I'm happy 90% of the day without effort!!

Diana Blanco

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