The Manifestation Map

Master Your Energy. Master Your Life.™

Vibrational alignment is key to drawing your desires & dreams into physical reality. Here's your complete map to master your energy.


Ignite Your Superpowers

Get the confidence and skill to use your hidden superpowers and cocreate your dreams. Don't let the inner voice of doubt, procrastination & fear suppress your heart's calling.
Live on your terms.

Desires & Dreams

Give yourself permission to be worthy of your dreams & the universe can finally conspire to make it happen with you. Get crystal clear on your soul's desires and purpose in this step-by-step training and reach the stars.

Made for More

You're meant for more than you're living now. You can feel it in your gut. But what's keeping you stuck? Resistance shows up as old beliefs, habits and fears. Learn how to release the inner blocks to your greatness.


Cocreating with the universe or manifesting is not some woo-woo concept. It is based on the law of resonance and law of attraction. Learn how to activate and use your hidden superpowers to draw in experiences, people or things.

Find Your Manifesting Flow



The result of an individual feeling like they have no power and proclaim themselves the victim of the situation. Usually they would come up with excuses why they are not realizing their dreams. They don't know where they're going, so they feel unable to direct attention and action towards a goal.


The result of an individual feeling detached from achieving their goals, although they know them very clearly. They want to be happier, but only take scattered action or no action at all. They feel blocked and don't know how to achieve their goals.


The result of an individual feeling anxious or hectic about reaching their goals. They take massive undirected action, so they attract possibilities. Yet, they are missing the bigger picture and are not targeting their efforts to reach their true 'why'. They are frantically moving about, never know which opportunity is the 'right' one and slowly feel burned out of their dream not arriving.


The result of an individual balancing taking inspired action with being open to receiving guidance and opportunities. They are constantly inviting the Universe to co-create and are yet detached from the outcome. They are attuned to the rhythm of the Universe and trust the universal flow, thus realizing their dreams (or something better) in divine timing.

Manifesting Your Soul's Desires is Different Than Mere Achievement


Energetic Alignment

You only allow into your experience what is in the same frequency as your personal vibration. Your electromagnetic signature attracts things that resonate with it. That's why it's so hard to manifest big wealth while your vibration says "I'm poor." You first need to modify your resonance to the field so you can attract new experiences.

Step it Up

Let's imagine a scale from 1-10. 10 is the vibration of your manifested desire. If you're currently vibrating at a 2, you set yourself up for failure, if you believe you can jump straight up to 10. You'll need a process and find plateaus that will ease you into being and having your dream. The Manifestation Map gives you this process.

Daily Practice

If you're not yet aligned, you won't manifest your desires over night. Yet the more you adjust your vibration and practice a new way of being every day, the more you are calling it in. Learn the tools to create a daily practice.

The Manifestation Map

4-Week Practical Course in Energy Mastery to Become a Vibrational Match for Your Dream Life

Why The Manifestation Map


Clear Vision

You will uncover your true desires, give yourself permission to be worthy and understand why you REALLY want them. This will be the key to reaching your goals with much more ease, detachment from the outcome and lasting fulfillment.

Soulful Plan

Moving through the workbook will give you crystal clarity on where you are now, where you want to be and how you can get there. This is unique because many manifesting teachings fail to make vibrational alignment this easy to understand, access and use.

Release & Heal

You will have access to exclusive guided meditations that are energetically charged with high-vibrational healing to support each modules transformational work. Theta and alpha brainwaves additionally promote deep relaxation and easy reprogramming of your energy bodies.

Lasting Change

Manifesting your desires means that you'll need to vibrate at a new frequency: the frequency of your desire. You'll step into your fuller potential. You'll get the tools, processes and insights that will give you confidence, clarity and courage to gradually vibrate at the higher frequency of your dream.

Here's What You'll Get


The Manifestation Map Course

4-Week Online Video Training with 4 modules of video and audio content that will teach you how manifesting REALLY works. You will learn how to use your own creator powers to access the vibration of your dreams.

Exclusive Workbooks

Each module features an exclusive interactive workbook to help you find your own answers and integrate the training on a deeper level.

Energetically Charged Meditations

Each meditation supports you energetically to raise your vibration and release blocks so that you can confidently shift into the frequency of your manifestation goals. Every module features one transformational meditation.

What You'll Learn...



  • Goal - Understand the manifesting principles and learn how master manifestors act
  • Importance - Set the groundwork to become a master manifestor
  • Cheat Sheet - The Rules of Manifesting


  • Goal - Gain crystal clear focus on what you want to manifest, why you actually want it and create a vivid vision
  • Importance - Clarify your underlying needs, so that you manifest outcomes that create long-lasting fulfillment
  • Workbook - Fill-in-the-blank interactive worksheets
  • Meditation - Travel through time & meet your future self


  • Goal - Understand your current way of being and the type of vibration you are currently emitting into the field. Understand who you will need to become to attract your vision
  • Importance - Plan actions from your soul that will transform you into a new you - the version of yourself that matches the vibration of your desires.
  • Workbook - Fill-in-the-blank interactive worksheets
  • Meditation - Goddess Diana's Healing Temple


  • Goal - Releasing resistance, accepting your shadow self, finding deep peace and invoking your desires
  • Importance - When you're free of resistance to your desires, it will become easy to take action and gradually shift your vibration to match them. When you've released fears, worries and doubts you are truly ready to call in your manifestations.
  • Workbook - Fill-in-the-blank interactive worksheets and cheat sheets
  • Meditation - Resistance Release with Archangel Azrael


  • Goal - Understanding advanced manifesting practices and integrating them in your daily life
  • Importance - Keep you in positive vibration to call in your manifestations with ease and in divine timing.
  • Workbook - Fill-in-the-blank interactive worksheets and daily tools
  • Meditation - Instant Alignment Meditation




Not available anywhere else
Value €47

  • Content - Get a toolkit of 10 transformational exercises that will help you release emotional blocks and create movement in your life. These are the best 10 go-to exercises that I teach my private clients and use personally to create change and peace in my life.
  • Importance - Roadblocks are inevitable. It's how you deal with them that separates the achievers from the one's who give up. This toolkit will give you a full arsenal of spiritual practices that you can turn to when you feel stuck or insecure.
  • Delivered - Video classes, Complete PDF workbook with fill-in-the-blank interactive worksheets




Not available anywhere else
Value €47

  • Importance - Often we block ourselves from receiving our desires. To receive we must drop into the feminine energy of surrender and stop pushing forward. Learn how you can balance your feminine and masculine energies in the dance of manifesting for faster results.
  • Content - Learn how self-love and self-empowerment are connected to your net worth and any other goal you have in your life.
  • Delivered - 2 hours of video or audio classes, Complete PDF workbooks with fill-in-the-blank interactive worksheets

What Private Clients Are Saying



Sharon guided me to realize my superpower and we determined the key pillars in my business. Following her manifesting process, I could prove to myself that thoughts followed by action really do create specific outcomes"

Heena Thaker
Founder Bee in Company


Sharon’s tools and guidance helped me understand and clear my blocks, and grow my own intuition and self-care. If you’re ready to work on yourself and your mindset to invite in lasting change, I recommend you try her work!

The great thing is that she helps you understand your present situation including the spiritual aspects and translates that into practice in business and life - making it real."

Elianne Oei
Co-Founder, Tipping-Point Consultant, Ambitious Mama


I’m addicted to the energy boost I get from the guided meditations! I connect to the feeling of unconditional love within and all around me. I didn’t think it’s possible, but all my worries, limiting beliefs and fears are gone and I feel as if I can reach for the stars."

Ivonne Rill
Coach for Naturally Beautiful Skin

"I was never into meditation until I used Sharon's channelled meditations. They are on another level of spiritual.

One meditation in particular shifted my spiritual trust. I saw everything that was happening before it was mentioned in the meditation! It was mind-blowing. "

Carol Lovett
Founder Ditch the Wheat

"Now I feel free and excited that I’m finally following my own authentic goals and not what others expect of me. What I’ve learned about business gives me the confidence to present myself as the expert in my field. I now make important decisions with clarity and ease.

I know that I can manifest anything I want. The universe has my back."

Fia Flow


When I first reached out to Sharon I was afraid of not making enough money. Only 5 months later I have increased my income by 100%!

Sharon has a powerful healing gift and her coaching advice is always on-point. She was able to see and heal my wounds and give me clear guidance on my next best steps in my personal and professional transformation.

I tapped into a new level of confidence and self-worth which in turn up leveled my whole life. She is awesome, cool, very intuitive and professional."

Anne Young

Who is The Manifestation Map for?



You know you have a big mission on this planet and your work is meant to make a difference in the lives of many. You're ready to own your power and boost your success with a big dose of manifesting magic? The Manifestation Map is your secret weapon to up-leveling your business step-by-step. 


You are determined to be your best self and love developing yourself. You believe that you CAN have financial abundance, meaning, love, health, fulfillment and beauty in your life. You want it all and you're ready to go for it. All you need is to crack the manifesting code to call it in. You've come to the right place!


You feel stuck in a nasty habit like addictions to worry, food, negativity, playing small and so forth. Change your energy and change your life. Rise to be a new you! Even if you tried and failed before, Your aspirations are valid! Your heart is calling out to you. The Manifestation Map will guide you through a holistic and new approach that you haven't tried before.


You know that your energetic signature attracts experiences, things and people to you. You know a lot about the principles of manifesting, but are failing to see results. The Manifestation Map  outlines a complete process. No more guessing.






4-Week Self-Study Course "The Manifestation Map"

Bonus #1 - Transformation Kit (Value $290)

Bonus #2 - Divine Feminine Masterclass (Value $147)

Exclusive Workbooks for each Module

Exclusive Channeled & Energetically Charged Meditations





4-Week Self-Study Course "The Manifestation Map"

Bonus #1 - Transformation Kit (Value $290)

Bonus #2 - Divine Feminine Masterclass (Value $147)

Exclusive Workbooks for each Module

Exclusive Channeled & Energetically Charged Meditations

+ Exclusive 90-Minute Breakthrough Intensive with Sharon


How TMM is Different



The Manifestation Map will be one of the most comprehensible, practical and transformational courses that teaches you how to ignite your spiritual powers. Spirituality is often depicted as wishy-washy or woo-woo. You find anything like this here. I've been praised by non-spiritual people that I could explain spiritual concepts in a hands-on manner. You get structured content each week in the form of videos, energetically charged meditation audios and fill-in workbooks. You learn how to strategically shift your energy to attract your desires and learn tools and practices that you can use again and again to amplify your cocreator powers.


The Manifestation Map mixes divine masculine (analytical, structured, action-based) and feminine energies (surrender, introspection, meditation) so that working through the lessons is joyful and soothing. It's not going to be work - it will be a journey into the depths of your soul, giving you a more profound understanding and love for yourself. You will be gently guided to let down your barriers, ignite your true divine power and promote peace in your body and mind.



Bestselling Author, Success Coach & Energy Consultant

Hi, I'm Sharon! I help my clients understand their soul’s unique design and master its energy, talents and power so they can take aligned action that will manifest a life of purpose, freedom and abundance.

But I was a career junkie once…I’ve built and lead the Web & Mobile User Experience department for one of the world’s most successful startups ranking #5 in The Wall Street Journal’s “Billion Dollar Startup Club” 2014.

After my spiritual awakening far up in the Himalayan mountains I couldn’t go back to “normal.” In an out-of-body experience I received visions and the empowering message: “You created this life. You can create differently.”

Now, I teach my clients how to master their energy and life through your soul's blueprint, the art of manifesting, energy clearing, mindset work and reprogramming yourself to live your authentic and full expression.

Frequently Asked Questions


1) When can I start learning?

You'll get your login details right upon your purchase. You'll find an introduction to manifesting and your first module waiting for you in your member's area.


2) How is The Manifestation Map different from other manifesting courses?

This is a 'transformational' course, not an 'informational' course.

1. Magical Encounters - Yes, you'll be experiencing quite a bit magic in this course. Angels, Goddesses and other light beings will be working their healing magic on you in the channeled and high-vibrational meditations. Here we call them meditations, but really they're more like guided healing journeys with a big dash of magic.

2. Change - Transformation means change. Now, change is HARD for us! Many of us even fear change, because we're so used to operating from our comfort zone. Like Einstein said: "Insanity means doing the same things, while expecting different results." If you want different results you're in the right place. In this program you'll learn more about yourself, your beliefs, emotions and energy than (very likely) ever before. This program helps you to reach deep within your soul, find the essence of your dreams and goals and map out your journey based on The Manifestation Map Sharon will share with you.

3. Clarity & Practicality - One of Sharon's strengths is that she can 'fly' high into the spiritual realm, receive divine guidance and structure it into clear processes and guidelines that are easy to understand and use. The Manifestation Map is the best example for this! You'll watch the videos and fill out the interactive worksheets one module at a time. The meditations will free you up and the worksheets will take you to important personal insights. All you need to do is show up and do it!

4. Manifesting Demystified - Manifesting or being a creator is your birth right and god-given talent. You're doing it all of the time. The Manifestation Map will help you understand your part in the manifestation process: know your true goals, identify resistance, take inspired and targeted actions, vibrate in the frequency of your manifestation. Understand the general and your personal subtleties in manifesting and become a master manifestor!


3) Can I talk to Sharon? How much help will I get?

There are no 1-on-1 calls with Sharon, unless you purchased that particular option upon checkout. Join us in Sharon's Facebook Group "The Grand Life • Coaching" for additional support! 


4) What can I expect in 1-on-1 coaching with Sharon?

You will receive an exclusive welcome Package that Sharon will study before your session to make sure you get what you desire. 
In the session she uses a holistic approach to help you reach your goals. Her energetic healing methods will unblock you on a spiritual level. When healed on this level, you are aligning more and more with your divine blueprint. The 'symptoms' in your life can find peace and you can step into your fuller potential with ease.
She doesn't call herself a psychic, but she will receive clear guidance in the form of visions and knowing that will help you take confident action. She combines these spiritual gifts with very hands-on mindset practices, productivity hacks and business strategies, to help you create momentum. You'll be unblocked to create a business and life you love and gives you a feeling of meaning and fulfillment, because you're more deeply aligned with your purpose.


5) Can I access the modules of the course all at once?

No. The bonuses, the introduction and module one can be accessed right upon purchase. The other three modules are released one week after the other.


6) What happens after I purchase?

1. You'll receive your purchase receipt and login details to the member's area. Check your inbox please.
2. You'll get an information email which will outline your next steps.
3. You'll have immediate access to the introduction and first module right away. The other modules will be released one week at a time.


7) Is my credit card information secure?

Yes, all credit card transactions occur over a secure server.


8) I don't know my life purpose, is this still right for me?

You'll uncover your soul's true desires and they will give you great clarity on your purpose. 'The Manifestation Map' will give you a deep understanding of the manifesting principles and a framework and clear processes on how to best put them into practice. You choose whether you use it for manifesting your purpose or any other desire. You'll have all the tools to call in any manifestation from now on!


9) Can I get a refund?

We have a no-refunds policy. That's because we believe in following through on our word. We know it can be an easy way out to return a program, but the real magic happens when you commit and show up.


10) Are you saying I will have my dreams manifested in 4 weeks?

No, not what I'm saying. You might, but I don't make sleazy claims like that. I'm saying you will learn a lot about your own vibration and what you're currently attracting, you'll learn what you really want, you will release worry, doubt and fear that currently keep you back and you will learn a system that you can use for the rest of your life to co-create your desires with the universe and manifest you best life.


11) What if something important happens and I can't stay committed?

You can take this program at your own pace.



We'd love to help! Send us an email: [email protected]
We respond super fast. Unless we're sleeping. We love sleep.

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